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"Little is much when God is in it"...a song that brings home the message of New Canaan Baptist Church! New Canaan turns 125 years old this year and has stood the test of time for the Kingdom of God. It is a loving, God fearing, and praying church that sits on a small hill North of Tallapoosa on Hwy 100. When the faithful members of 1890 got together and started this church they didn't know that they would send children off to WW1, WW2,, suffer through the "Great Depression" Korean war, and Vietman war...yet the influnce of New Canaan is still in this community. New Canaan Baptist Church is the small stone in the hand of David that God is using in a mighty way. Come, be apart of our fellowship, our mission and be blessed by the Spirit of God.


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New Canaan had a great day at Home coming. Thanks to all those who came out and visited with us.

Business news: God has surely blessed New Canaan as our long awaited Fellowship hall is well on it's way to being built. Please join us in in our labor of love project through your prayers and gifts.


Backpack Mission Project:  Please start collecting items such as school supplies, T shirts, stuffed animals, candy, etc.


Christmas Shoe Box: Please start thinking about and collecting school supplies for the shoe box project.